My (rough) guide to local, independent groceries, alcohol retailers, prepared meals and takeaways in St Albans.

To support local businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, we are starting to collate a directory of restaurants, cafes, pubs, breweries, independent shops, butchers, delis and more offering takeaway and delivery services in and around St. Albans.

This is currently by no means an exhaustive list but I'll be adding to it continually, whilst improving and adding features to the site enabling you to find the right type of service available to you, or preferred cuisine. PLEASE do share this amongst your St Albans friends and families on whatever social media platforms you can. You're welcome to follow or message me suggestions on instagram too: @carboffsetting or @stalbanscouk


Big update - New section added for sweets and treats, around 15 new entries too. You can also search by tag, eg. click on fish and chips will show all offering fish and chips :)

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