Why did we create this website?

I'm a Northerner who has lived down south for 20 years. I operate a local business in Hertfordshire and a complete foodie at heart. The undisputed* king of pizza you can find my food frolics via instagram https://www.instagram.com/carboffsetting/

It's been a very difficult time for all and especially those in the food and hospitality sector. Some have had to change their entire business models overnight and go from walk in to take away. Supermarkets selling out and with huge queues, yet we have other high quality small delicatessen, grocery stores, pubs and even the corner shops adapting for the better of the community.

I've tried to compile a list of those businesses that I know of, its not a complete list and if you know something missing or something to make the site better then please let me know. I've tried to list those which are not on Deliveroo, UberEats or Just Eat as, even if the business is on there - you shouldn't order via the apps - they take upwards of 30%! Ring the establishment or use their own website and help save the pennies where it matters. These local businesses are the ones paying taxes remember!

This site has been made in good faith. I've taken the pictures of the respective businesses from their instagram or facebook pages. If you don't want to be listed let me know and I'll remove it. Spread the word, shop local and support your NHS <3

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